Alaçatı is a charming little town has reached up to the present by preserving its historical, architectural and original structure without losing its innocence… The town embraced tourism with warmth especially thanks to its beautiful limestone buildings which shelter spirits from the past and its tireless wind. Then our town has become one of the most beautiful and loved paradises in Turkey. The limestone buildings that formed out of old Greek houses have created the prettiest small charming hotels of Alaçatı and these hotels gathered under the umbrella of TURKODER (Turkey Small Hotels Association)… The purpose of this web site is to introduce our paradise where history has a fragrance the best way possible and to be able to help our guests to make the fastest reservations... Everybody who walks on the path of love is invited to our little paradise Family of Alaçatı


In the time of the Greeks, thanks to viticulture and wine making, Alaçatı had the brightest periods in its history. However, right after the exchange, the difficult years began for the town. Muslim Turks from the Balkans didn’t know anything about viticulture and olive. So immigrants from Thessaloniki removed all the vineyards and planted tobacco. And those from Bosnia to Kosovo began farming. But the climate of the region wasn’t convenient neither for tobacco, nor for farming. For this reason, growing tobacco wasn’t enough to feed the whole town… Fortunately, that unproductive period has changed over time and vineyards and oil returned back to town. And by welcoming tourism, Alacati has progressed at a great pace and win its old glory back. In 1990’s, first arrivals to town’s port were the windsurfing enthusiasts thanks to its endless wind, then the old Greek house aficionados arrived in the 2000’s... The famous narrow cobbled streets of Alacati is decorated by the single or two-storied stone houses. Having this historic architectural structure as the most important economic value of Alaçatı, slowly started the migration from metropolis and became a reason for foreigners to flock here. The first small hotel was opened in 2001 and in such a very short time Alaçatı has become one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey. Natural white stones that are extracted around the region were used almost in all Greek houses. They are kind of stones that harden easily right after the processing. Because the stone houses are preserved intact, the youngest of these houses is nearly 100 years old. Therefore, Alacati town center is also declared as “Urban Site /Protected Area” in 2006. As a result of that, making new buildings contain elements contrary to the traditional architectural tissue has been banned and restoring or repairing old houses without loss of fidelity has been a must. Most of the restored houses actually converted into extremely charming small hotels and chic restaurants that are known country-wide. Being developed under the control of the government, our lovely little town has become one of the most protected resorts of the country –perhaps the most beautiful too-.





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+90 536 507 32 73
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